IM 4 Electric Golf Buggy

The IM4 Single Seat Golf Buggy is our four-wheeled alternative to the FourStar. It is the Rolls Royce of single-seat Golf Carts, with a backrest, stylish design and powerful motor, and like the FourStar, it is easily transported to and from the golf course in your wagon or SUV.

RRP $5,985.00

Golf is a rewarding and a challenging sport that can be played by people of all ages and all abilities, however those in their youth may find going round an 18 hole course a “walk in the park” the same can’t be said for the players over the age of 50, many of whom may suffer from back problems, arthritis and other illnesses

resulting in them experiencing pain when bending and walking. Now, thanks to i-motioncaddys unique i-m4 electric single seater golf buggy you can enjoy a relaxing game of golf without the pain.

Technical Specifications

Body and Chassis

  • Steel frame construction
  • Strong fibreglass body
  • Rust protected powder coated steel work
  • Easy battery access
  • Range of colours available


  • Length 49.5” (125.7cm)
  • Width 32.5” (82.6cm)
  • Height 42” (106.7cm)
  • Height folded 31” (78.7cm)
  • With quick seat release seat system 25” (635cm), 27” (685cm) or 29” (736cm)
  • Minimal ground clearance 4.5” (11cm)


  • Motor 36V 1200 watt permanent magnetism
  • Sealed Lead Acid Gel batteries 12V 50 or 80 AH (Lithium Batteries available at additional cost)
  • Automatic pulse charger input AC110V/240V Optional Output DC36V/5A/8A
  • Throttle mounted speed switch High (19Km/h) Low (6.4Km/h)
  • Recharge time 6-8 hours
  • Maximum travel distance 50Km
  • CURTIS controller 1227-3402 DC36V/160A
  • CURTIS connector
  • Hall accelerator continuous variable speed system


  • One person seating capacity
  • Carrying capacity 200kg
  • Weight 178kg with batteries, 100kg without batteries
  • Maximum speed 15-19km/h (or can be programmed to suit application)
  • Slope climbing capacity 30 degrees
  • Forward & reverse console mounted
  • Turning radius adjustable up to 3m

Other Features

  • Helix spring shock absorbers
  • Tyres: 32.5cm x 15cm 4 ply tyres
  • Japanese wheel bearings
  • Electromagnetic braking system
  • Full range of optional accessories available
  • 12v USB charging port(optional)

The i-m4 Golf Buggy has foldable handlebars to enable easy loading into the boot of a car and a quick release removable seat option if required.

I’ve had my i-m4 golf buggy since 2011, I can’t believe it has been so long!
I have a progressive muscle degenerating illness and my i-m4 buggy has given me six extra years of golf.Throughout this time it has attracted, and still does, envious looks and positive comments. I now play only when conditions suit me (two nine holes since the beginning of November) but look forward to a few more rounds in the summer. Without my i-m4 this would be impossible.

Barry Crutchley

Purchasing the iM4 was one of my better decisions.
It gives me great service. Its reliable, safe, is a head turner and is frequently admired. Is it accepted by the ILGU (Irish Ladies Golfing Union) as part of my golf equipment in matches.
It is much more economical than constantly hiring a buggy. I highly recommend it.

Brenda Phelan
I’ve had four golf buggies over the years, 3 wheelers, 4 wheelers and power caddies. But nothing touches the I-Motion im4 buggy, solid sturdy machine, easy to handle, easy to maintain and clean. I’ve tried them all. The I-motion im4 is the best yet.
Gerry Raines
Since January 2020 my IM-4 is still going strong. I ride on hilly footpaths to the course (1.2 km), play the round of golf (18 holes on the very hilly Wakehurst course) and ride home and still have 80% charge. The cart is the envy of all my golf partners and the only one (and I mean only one) that will do a round at Wakehurst (no to Parmaker, Grasshopper etc) The IM-4 with the new more powerful motor and superior battery strength (3 x 75 AHr Batteries) as well as 800 cm wide tyre track, is undoubtedly in a class of its own. There isn’t anywhere an EZY-GO or similar two person cart can go on the course, hills, fairways and rough.
Tim - Balgowlah, Sydney
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