Your freedom: our job

Genny™ utilises an adapted to the case’s needs expressly modified Segway self- balancing base, ensuring immediate spins on the same axis and to go ahead without operating any control lever, like throttle or brake.

Maximum incline and slope 18 %
Power 3 HP

Life Should Have No Boundaries

The two parallel wheels and many electronic sensors (such as 5 gyroscopes) allow Genny™ to move only shifting part of the bust forward to advance, backward to slow down and brake. Simple handlebars permit the means spinning without a compulsory specific use of the hands, leaving them totally free.

Great innovation, reduced

Designed even for inner space
The reclining seatback and the easily extractable handlebars,
removable using only one hand, reduce Genny™ to a “cube”
with a side of 76cm and make it extremely compact and fit for transportation.

76cm Height

63cm Width

69cm Depth

Nothing is left to chance

Parking: two small feet permit to stabilize your Genny™ in a simple and safe way. The presence detector placed under the seat makes Genny™’s functioning possible only if the driver is on board, avoiding machine accidental activations and ensuring its turning off when getting out.


To ensure the safety in case of failure, Genny™ takes from the world of aeronautics the redundancy technique. This procedure provides for the doubling of the electronic or mechanical circuits in order to avoid unpleasant consequences in case of failure of one of them.

x2 Batteries
x2 Electronic Boards
x4 Total Engines

A unique backrest

Ergonomics is the science of the interaction between users and technologies. Genny™ adopts a solution that is unique in the world in the field of ergonomics: Tarta®, a seatback conceived by the namesake firm which dedicates its work to posturology with a mix of aesthetic and well-advanced materials. GM Design Team has redrawn and realized a custom-made Tarta® for Genny™. Modular, with few simple strong parts, Tarta® seatback answers to many needs, from those aesthetic, for trending seats, to those serious problems of disabled people. Everyone can benefit from this innovative solution.

Measures Width 63 cm Seat height 67 cm Total depth 76 cm
Performance Speed 6 / 12 Km/h* Autonomy 15-25 Km Charging time 6 hours
Surmountable obstacle height of 5 – 10 cm Gradeability 18% Motors power 3Kw