Sheepskin Seat Cover
$180.00 AUD. Available in grey, black or cream.

Railblaza Accessories
Multi-functional holder for accessories (e.g. cups, fishing rods, umbrellas, trays, smartphones & tablets). View catalogue
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IM4 Rain/Dust Cover

Lockable Silent Hitch Pin $55.00
Locks hitch bar onto tow bar & reduces rattle & wobble.

Tail Light/Number Plate Board $195.00
Ensures you meet regulatory requirements relating to the obstruction of number plates / rear lights
Features brake and indicator lights
Quick and easy to install/remove

Hitch Drop/Riser $82.50
Raises or lowers the tilt-carrier by 100mm/4 inches for ground clearance.

Anti-Tilt Bracket $79.50
Assists in reducing sagging, rattle & wobble in Carriers. For use with 2 inch/50ml hitches.
Reverse Style to work with most extended chain loops.

Loading Ramps
$120.00ea AUD 225x28x5cm